Receipt of the products

On receipt, products are consistently measured, identified by a single serial number then stocked in an area reserved for each customer.
The stock available for sale is updated in real-time.




Stockage ADS


Products are stored on pallets or shelves according to the movement rate dynamic analysis.
ADS manages all type of products : textile, accessories, shoes, childcare articles, cultural products, DVD, toys, hi-tech, food products, home equipment.
Batch and deadline of consumption management depends on the complexity of each business.






Order picking

Order picking can be industrialized, semi-automatic or manual depending on the customer.
All operations are tracked by their reference (SKU) or serial number.
Orders can be customized : gift box, special packaging, multilingual messaging, loyalty card…




Expéditions ADS

All orders travel and are distributed thanks to different type of delivery : home delivery, web to store delivery.
BtoB, BtoC.
International delivery.





Reverse logistics

The value chain wholly includes returns management.
Returned products are identified and thoroughly examined to decide if they can be stored again or if they are unsuitable for the market.



Customer relationship management

Relation client ADSCompetent product advice by phone, chat or email.
Call center and online ordering service
Customer complaints management