An SME’s agility and a group’s power


ADS Rakuten has always supported innovation, which has contributed to make it an e-logistics key player in France and Europe.

ADS Rakuten now reinforces its strategy outside of France and Europe and takes in a new international dimension.

ADS offers:

  • An integrated and personalised solution answering the most complex and specific expectations. ADS Rakuten now manages a portfolio of more than 180 clients belonging to different business sectors.
  • A global vision of its integrated services: the offered services are creator of value and integrate the whole value chain, necessary to its clients’ e-commerce activity development.

ADS Rakuten manages all its clients’ e-commerce logistics flows, front-to-end, thus upgrading the interaction between the key players of e-sellers ecosystem: clients, shops and supplier, thanks to:

  • An automatic order preparation system, combining the machines precision and the human adaptability.
  • An information system enabling a total flow tracking as well as a secure sharing of information, inside the company as much as outside.
  • A human organisation based on the high level of flexibility and techonological capacities.

These caracteristics enable ADS Rakuten e-sellers clients to be accompanied in their sales development by taking advantage of an e-logistics service provision that allies precision and a high quality of services.



internet conceptA self-developed information system dedicated to distance selling


Since 2002, ADS Rakuten’s 50 engineers have developed an innovative information flow management system and order preparation for each storehouse. They can manage several e-sellers on the same platform, whatever their size and product typology.

This system brilliantly manages its clients’ references and optimizes the preparation and expedition chains supply. The platforms are linked and receive datas for packages preparation and shipping in real time.



A responsible company


ADS Rakuten’s permanent commitment is ensuring a responsible behaviour in all the professional activities and social relations.

An action plan aimed at protecting the environment has been implemented. This plan calls for environmental performances improvements, communication and cooperation between local authorities and public authorities.
The goals are:

  • Reduce water, energy, raw materials consumption and polluting gas emissions to its maximum.7409640bc413583de0858804d9200038
  • Evaluate and minimize new investment projects impacts on environment.
  • Define emergency plans to prevent accidental damages.

ADS has committed to respect the United Nation Mondial Pact’s ten principles regarding human rights, work rights, environmental protection and battle against corruption.

ADS is a member of FEVAD (distance selling company association) and is committed in professional reinsertion.